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* Saint Therese of Lisieux

The Lily and the Little Flower
By Elkazzi; Fr Maroun (Author)
"Australian publication" more information
$14.95 AUD
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Carmelite Spirituality in the Teresian Tradition
By Paul- Marie of the Cross OCD (Author)
 more information
$29.50 AUD
In Stock.
Story of a Soul
By St Therese of Lisieux (Author)
 more information
$35.50 AUD
In Stock.
Therese (Dorothy Day)
By Saint Thomas Aquinas (Author)
"The classic biography" more information
$38.95 AUD
In Stock.
The Prayer of St Therese of Lisieux
By Vernon Johnson (Author)
 more information
$3.95 AUD
Stock item.
A Family of Saints: The Martins of Lisieux
By Piat, Fr. Stephane-Joseph (Author)
 more information
$37.95 AUD
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Saint Therese of Lisieux Devotional Dispenser 25 books
By Foley, Donaly (Comp) (Author)
"A practical and simple way for people to foster a devotional spirit and can be used individually or in parish groups" more information
$96.95 AUD
Stock item.
The Little Flower of Jesus
By Sister Julita (Author)
 more information
$29.50 AUD
Stock Item..
The Little Way: The Spirituality of Therese of Lisieux
By Bro, Fr. Bernard (Author)
"A new edition of the classic work, this book describes Therese's life and her spirituality with humor, realism and understanding. He shows that her "little way" is within reach of us all: that is why she has so much to teach us today." more information
$23.95 AUD
A Call to a Deeper Love (Zelie and Louis Martin)
By Martin, Blessed Zelie and Louis (Author)
"The 218 letters of Zelie and the 16 letters of Louis Martin reproduced in these pages provide us with a treasury of rich insights into the lives and spirituality of these two individuals who were Beatified by the Church on October 19, 2008 at the Basilica of St. Therese in Lisieux, France." more information
$45.95 AUD
Saint Therese of Lisieux: The Little Flower
By O'Neill, Jack (Author)
"This book, suitable for children of all ages, tells the story of the life of St Therese" more information
$14.95 AUD
Archbishop Fulton Sheen's St Therese - A Treasured Love Story
By Sheen, Archbishop Fulton J. (Author)
"Now, for the first time, Basilica Press has put into written form Archbishop Sheen's compelling words about the Little Flower. Taken from the still-popular talks he have on Therese in 1973, he opens up for the reader why she is the "greatest saint of modern times." You will treasure this beautiful hardcover book. Even those familiar with St. Therese's life will find their eyes opened to many new insights given by the incomparable Archbishop Sheen. Truly a rare and beautiful book to read, to enjoy, to give, to treasure." more information
$24.95 AUD
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Exploring Prayer with Therese of Lisieux
By Castle, Tony (Author)
"A further volume in the Exploring Prayer series in which Tony Castle has selected extracts from the writings of several outstanding followers of Christ, to inspire the prayer life of every reader." more information
$9.95 AUD
Saint Therese of Lisieux: Her Family, Her God, Her Message
By Bro, Fr. Bernard (Author)
 more information
$27.95 AUD
St Therese: Doctor of the Little Way
By Mary, F.F.I.; Francis, Brother (Ed.) (Author)
 more information
$34.95 AUD
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Lisieux: A Pilgrim's Companion
By Baldwin, David (Author)
"Unique, meditative visitor's guide to the principal places of Therese's life." more information
$4.95 AUD
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