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Towards the Promised Land
By Enza Di Franco Russo (Author)
"A collection of short stories, poems and personal reflections based on the real-life experience of the author, Enza Di Franco Russo, and the people who have shared her journey." more information
$14.95 AUD
In Stock.
The Lily and the Little Flower
By Elkazzi; Fr Maroun (Author)
"Australian publication" more information
$14.95 AUD
In Stock.
A Daily Cuppa with Mary and Julian
By Kane, Sue; Kane, Leo (Author)
"With beautiful drawings, this is ideal gift giving! Meditations with St Mary MacKillop and Fr Julian Tenison Woods" more information
$24.95 AUD
In Stock.
Hidden In the Shadow of Love
By Hedley, Jocelyn (Author)
"The Story of Mother Theresa McLaughlin and Our Lady's Nurses for the Poor" more information
$24.95 AUD
In Stock.
The Virtues of Saint Mary of the Cross: Mary MacKillop 1842-1909
By Gardiner SJ, Paul (Author)
"This book presents the Christian virtues of Mother Mary MacKillop, the Australian-born woman who has become Saint Mary of the Cross." more information
$14.95 AUD
In Stock.
Set Pools of Silence in this Thirsty Land
By Prowse, Archhbishop Christopher (Author)
"Contemplating the Silent Presences of God" more information
$9.95 AUD
In Stock.
O God of Loveliness: The Poetry of St Alphonsus
By Corbett C.Ss.R., Patrick (Ed) (Author)
"Paintings by St Alphonsus and other works of art are included in this book making it an ideal resource for personal meditation and a very attractive gift book." more information
$24.95 AUD
In Stock.
Towards Purrfection: The Rule of Benedikitty (not a saint)
By Nelson, Christine M (Author)
"Beautiful picture gift book" more information
$14.95 AUD
In Stock.
Mother of Mercy: A Month with Mary
By Farran, Sr Marie-Paul (Author)
"In the company of Mary during the Extraordinary Jubilee: "Holy Year of Mercy"." more information
$5.95 AUD
In Stock.
New Community Bible Gift Edition Deluxe White
"Ideal gift for First Holy Communion" more information
$34.95 AUD
In Stock.
Flora MacKillop: A Truly Blessed Mother
By O'Sullivan RSJ, Bernardette (Author)
 more information
$12.95 AUD
In Stock.
The Little Brown Book Too
By Kane, Sue; Kane, Leo (Author)
"Much awaited follow-up to the ever popular The Little Brown Book." more information
$18.95 AUD
In Stock.
When Angels Cook ONLY $19.95
By Sister Germana's Cucina (Author)
"Deliciously simple recipes that 'say it with a dish'. Over two million copies sold in Italy!" more information
$19.95 AUD
In Stock.
The Little Brown Book
By Kane, Sue; Kane, Leo (Author)
"Sit down and have a cuppa with Mary MacKillop! These reflections on Mary's thoughts will affirm us, challenge us to grow and to continue her work. With illustrations by Helen Barnes, RSJ." more information
$18.95 AUD
In Stock.
The Good Sams Cookbook
By Good Samaritan Sisters (Author)
"Here is convent cooking at its best from soups to scones and cakes with lashings of cream and love, from the Sisters of the Good Samaritan." more information
$12.95 AUD
In Stock.

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